John Connell: Independent Education & Technology Consultant

Transforming education with technology across the world

I am an expert consultant working to bring education and technology together for the positive transformation of teaching and learning. I work across the public, private and third sectors, seeking to bring innovative and pragmatic thinking, based on a lifetime of varied experience, to my clients.

My work has covered all sectors, and includes: development of pedagogies, educational research, teacher education, all aspects of education in the developing world, national and regional education strategies, national ICT strategies in education, social media in the classroom, teacher and administrator workshops, and learning/collaborative platform development (approaches, strategies, architectures, implementation, project management).

Recent clients include UNESCO, European SchoolNet, Skills Development Scotland, Pearson, Promethean, Education Fast Forward and the Maitri Trust. I am a skilled public speaker and have delivered many keynotes, presentations and workshops all over the world, on education, digital and networking technologies, ODL, social media and the knowledge economy.

I work independently and with other major international consultancies across the public, private and 3rd sectors, including Go To Market Group and Partners and Blacklin Associates.

More from I Am Learner

Truly global experience, with many successful collaborative projects across the world,
front-line work on innovative online learning design and an internationally esteemed ed-tech blog.

About I Am Learner

IN 2011, I wrote a prose-poem - "I Am Learner" - that attempted to distil my personal philosophy of education into as few words as I could manage.

The result was published initially on my personal education blog.

It is a philosophy that places special importance on the teacher's understanding of how we, as individuals, ultimately determine our own learning. That does not detract from the teacher's role or responsibility. Indeed, it increases that responsibility hugely and it places an onus on the teacher to reflect deeply on the nature of learning, and the nature of teaching.

Fundamentally, it states that what is taught is rarely if ever what is learned!

Read I Am Learner now.....

My Services

  • Project evaluation and assessment
  • Advice and support for connected schools and connected campuses
  • Architectural development
  • Workshops on 21st century education, social media in learning, and many more
  • Research / Assessing Readiness
  • Proposal Writing
  • Supporting Project & Program Management
  • Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

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A Concise Philosophy of Education

Just a few of my achievements...


  • Developed innovative campus architectures for new universities in Saudi Arabia
  • Wrote the national education ICT strategy for a major Gulf state
  • Advised on the design and implementation of connected schools pilots & projects:
  • ・ in Romania, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, UAE, others

  • Devised the communications strategy for a major South African university
  • Advised on teacher-training reconstruction in post-civil-war Liberia
  • Initiated, and then directed the procurement and implementation of Glow in Scotland, the world's first national connected schools program and national virtual learning and collabration platform

Keynotes & Workshops


  • ...Australia
  • ...Costa Rica
  • ...Scotland
  • ...Slovakia
  • ...Namibia
  • ...Botswana
  • ...Azerbaijan
  • ...South Africa
  • ...Togo
  • ...Sweden
  • ...Egypt
  • ...England

Learner-Driven Education

Professor Sugata Mitra: